Cobra Magnum Pepper Spray

Cobra Magnum EM Pepper Spray



Cobra Magnum EM Pepper Spray

Product Description
Introducing you a very highly effective self defence tool for your security staffs in order to tackle any sort of inevitable incidences, and fight back effectively.
The tool is SELF DEFENCE PEPPER SPRAY (COBRA MAGNUM EM) which is used for one’s self defence.
1. It heightens awareness
2. It’s a non lethal weapon
3. It’s highly effective
4. It’s a legal self defence tool
5. It’s accessible
6. It has spray range of upto 12ft.
7. Enough to handle a small mob of 10 – 12 people (approx).

Cobra Pepper spray is Ideal for:-

• Working Women
• Housewives
• Girls
• Jewellers
• Shopkeepers
• Security Agencies
• Security Personnel at Hotels, Banks, BPOs, etc.
Ensure you to provide best price in market.